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Wellness at Work!

One of the best Returns On Investment is
 the increase in a positive workplace environment!

Who we are

We are a company run by therapists who are passionate
 about providing wellness and who strive to bring the service to you
 without the hassel of figuring all the details out.

Our wellness programs can include weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly programs
 to best fit your organizations situation and needs.
We make Wellness at Work easy!

Below are three basic plans to help with the decision process.

Employee Pay
By scheduling a day and organizing a "pool" this option is available as a prepay option allowing only interested employees the ability to reap the rewards of a great working environment.
We promise you that massage day will be the most popular day with near 100% attendance!
This is an option for sharing the total by whatever measure is decided upon (60/40 50/50) and is a good way to express your interest in the workplace environment and with the wellness of your employees.
Employer Provided
The employer provided option works seemlessly with the structures in place at your organization and is a reinforcement of positive employer/employee relations. The positive reward reaps positive benefits and can dramatically change the workplace environment.

We promise you that "massage day" will be the most popular day with near 100% attendance