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Nic gave a great in home deep tissue massage.
He was on time and set up quickly.
-Charles S

Utilizing Nic's fantastic skill on a weekly
basis has been a godsend to me.
His professionalism coming into my home
 has been exemplary of the finest I have
witnessed around the
world in the past fifty years.
- Immensley Satisfied, Dennis K

I had a fantastic massage last night.
You know its good when you are so completely relaxed you fall asleep.
-S Yoder

Amazing work! I feel rejuvenated!
I was so tense before but now I am so relaxed.
Nic did such an incredible job.
-Sandy D.

Great results! I am a hairdresser with a lot of neck, shoulder, and back aches.
Nic was great at releaseing the tension.
-Cindy D.

Very knowledgeable and professional.
Nic did such an awesome job!

Awesome massage!
Nic knew just what to do to ease my pain. 
Highly recommend.
-Paul R

Great attention and patient.
Went to sleep. Great job.
Calming and nurturitive.
-Connie W.

Wow I did the crystal reiki massage and it was the BEST energy work I have had.
I felt so energized afterward!
My next will be Swedish
-Kathy S.